Disadvantages of a Home Based Business

At a time more and more people seem to be interested in starting something of their own there are a couple of options for them to choose from. One option is starting a business like anyone else does by finding capital, coming up with a business plan, choosing an office, etc. The other option is running a home based business where your base of operations is home. You do not have to go look for office spaces or invest largely in the main stage of the business as operating from home saves you from all of those troubles.

However, there are some disadvantages of a home based business too. If you are hoping to start such a business it is always good to know these disadvantages so that you can find solutions to them and be prepared for some hardships too.

Lack of Space for Work

When you are operating from home most probably you will be using one of the rooms in the house which were not clearly designed for an office. This will be not a problem in the initial stage because only you will be working there. However, if your business starts to bloom and you have to hire other people you will have lack of working space.

No Regular Payments

For anyone who starts a home based business or any business for that matter the first few weeks could be payment less weeks. Until you build up the business and gather customers or clients you will have to face a little hard time. For someone used to getting a pay check at the right time this can be a little uncomfortable.

Being Too Close to Family and Friends

Though we love our family and friends operating from home can become tough when friends and family start to become a disturbance to our work. There is always going to be at least one person in this circle who does not mind disturbing you all the time.

Problems with Neighbours

If the home based business you are doing is something that creates a lot of noise and creates such disturbing outcomes you could get into some real problems with the neighbours because they cannot bear all those disturbances.

Having No Fringe Benefits

Also, when you are running your business that means you will no longer be entitled to a health insurance or paid vacations provided to you by some employer as you are your own boss.

If you can be strong and bear all these until the business grows stronger you will be fine.



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